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I shopped around on the Internet and found a small local rental guy and did a deal at 30 per day which is cheap for Seychelles, you can easily pay 50 .I would not go to Pirates Arms, working girls are banned from there but some hang around outside. There is AIDS in Seychelles so be careful, because of the small population they are all fucking each other!Course as they get older they all seemed to get fatter but even the older ones werent shy to show a bit of cleavage.

They are not your standard Sub Saharan variety who are always looking for an angle to make a quick buck.

Hi, I have just joined this forum and as a regular visitor to the Seychelles (about 5/6 times a year for business) I can honestly say most posters here have been walking around with their eyes shut! Just about every married person has a side interest, it's almost expected of them!

When I first got interested in Seychelles about 2 years ago I found the Badoo website and easily became friendly with some normal girls.

I know girls, casual friends, who try to get out on a Friday night without their partner, go to Boardwalk and make sure they get a fuck. Am generally a reasonably good player in most of Asia's hotspots but as was with wife my looking for trouble in Seychelles was done with one eye on being the good husband and the other on looking for hot ladies.

If anyone wants to know about Seychelles give me a shout. Firstly, after a regular diet of Asian ladies was nice to see some tall slim dark ladies with nice upwardly pointing boobs.

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